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For You

Bloom Yoga offers classes on an individualized basis. These offerings are for you as an individual to deepen your practice, engage in some intensive healing, practice independently or in a small group of your choosing.


A personalized yoga class with physical postures, movement, breath work, and meditation. It is designed and created to support you in moving through the mud that is currently weighing you down. Tailored to your goals and needs, whether this be flexibility, strength, relaxation, meditation, or stress-relief, this class is your own for the entirety of the sixty minutes. This class is accessible and unique for every individual and is an amazing opportunity to delve into your personal experience within a comfortable and personalized environment. 


Exploring yoga through a private class is a good option if you are worried about practicing with other people, are needing some intensive healing, or are working to maintain your current emotional state. It is recommended that you commit to four weeks of practicing, with one class a week, minimally, to begin to delve deeper into your healing. 


Small Groups (up to five people):

A personalized yoga class with physical postures, movement, breath work, and meditation for you and your people. If you are planning an event with a focus on wellness, healing, and holistic health Bloom Yoga would love to share meditation and movement with you and your people. There are three styles of yoga currently offered for sixty minutes of practice; however, if you have another form of practice in mind, Bloom Yoga would be more than happy to collaborate with you to create the perfect offering for you, your people, and your intention. 


Please be advised that a travel and space fee may be added in some circumstances, please contact for groups larger than five, as another offering may suit your needs better. 

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