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The Power of Affirmation

I am a strong believer that words and the language we use have tremendous power. Especially in repetition. The words we say to ourselves over and over and over again become internalized. They become truth. The phrases we repeat to ourselves become internalized. We believe them. They become truth.

This is why I believe we should be exercising extreme caution with what words and phrases we repeat to ourselves. If we are constantly repeating negativity to ourselves, it becomes truth. I am practicing the use of affirmation on a daily basis and using affirmation to create truth through positive phrases and words. It is practice; however, as the years and years of repeating the same phrases over and over again has created truth within me. And this truth can be challenging to change.


So, what is affirmation? Affirmation can be understood to be a declaration, a statement, or an assertion. It can also be a word, phrase, feeling, or state that you wish to create within yourself at any moment. Affirmation can be used to focus the mind away from its wandering nature when in meditation. Affirmation can also be used throughout the day as a practice of mindfulness, a phrase or word that you repeat to yourself whenever you need a reminder-whenever you need to create a new truth.

Perhaps you are running late, and someone cuts you off in traffic and you feel the anger and frustration welling up inside of you. I know that I have voiced a few choice words while attempting to navigate traffic when I am feeling rushed. Instead of swearing or feeling frustrated, maybe you use this as an opportunity to repeat to yourself something to the effect of “I am calm”. And you repeat it until it is truth and you are calm. Use it to guide your breath and ease your mind. It may sound silly but there is power in it, if you open your mind to its possibility.


Perhaps you are attempting to overcome a great fear and step outside of your comfort zone but you are fearful to take that first step because not everything is perfect yet. This was a truth for me. Every time I wanted to take that extra step forward, I always came up with some reason not to. And it all stemmed from fear. So I used the affirmation “I go before I am ready” and I repeated it to myself constantly. I repeat it to myself before every business meeting and every moment where I am feeling insecure about my abilities to chase my dreams. Again, it may sound silly but I have found that this phrase comforts me when I am nervous. It has also created a truth. I pursue opportunities I may have previously delayed.

Affirmation has power. It can permeate our thoughts, and, with enough practice, it becomes second nature and it becomes truth. Within our minds, we can shape our realities and shape our truths. It is up to you to decide what your truth is. I invite you to create a affirmation, or borrow one of mine, for your current challenges. If you have an affirmation you find to be particularly helpful, please do not hesitate to share.


In darkness and in light,


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