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YOLO...I Mean Self Care

How do you take care of yourself? I mean really take care of yourself? Do you believe in and try to emulate self care?

In recent years it seems like self care has become the new YOLO (You Only Live Once). It is an excuse to indulge, an excuse to engage in patterns of behavior we know aren't assisting us reach our long term goals, an excuse to blow off responsibilities and do whatever the f*ck we want to do.


Trip to the Bahamas? Self care.

Pedicure? Self care.

Online shopping and buying new shoes? Self care.

Daily $9 Starbucks? Self care.

Wine night? Self care.

[Insert favorite form of indulgence here]. Self care.


Now I am not saying self care is not something that is productive and completely and utterly necessary. Because I truly believe that we need to take care of ourselves. Self care is productive and it is entirely necessary. I believe in this one hundred and ten percent.


What I do not believe in are the lies about self care that the media sells us, that companies continually try to sell us, and that we tell ourselves when we do something maybe not in our long term interest in the name of self care.

Day at the spa, anyone (paid for on my already indebted credit card)? Let's do lunch too!

I believe in taking care of myself. I believe in asking myself hard questions. I believe in creating space for myself. I believe in having uncomfortable conversations with people that support and love me. I believe in re-evaluating how I spend my money and why I spend my money the way I do. I believe in investing my time with a therapist. I believe in going to and committing to an athletic therapist. I believe in spending time alone. I believe in challenging myself. I believe in hiring someone to challenge my ideas and my beliefs. I believe in spending time recharging my energy. I believe in taking care of myself.


And I believe you should take care of yourself too. I just don't believe that spa days, pedicures, wine nights, and increasing your personal debt load are the best way to take care of yourself. I do not believe in mindlessly consuming pedicures, spa dates, wine, and chocolate with Netflix binges. I believe that you should take care of yourself. But do so in a mindful and intentional manner.


Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, maybe this makes you feel uncomfortable, or maybe this makes you feel attacked. But can you sit with that level of discomfort? Can you consider why it makes you uncomfortable? Is there space for you to make an effort to change how you take care of yourself in this moment? This day? This evening? This weekend?


How can you take care yourself?

In darkness and in light,


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